domenica 25 luglio 2010

Man Fashion: 2010 Mens Color Trends

As we are catching up with trendy fashion, color become an important ingredients in mens fashion designs.
So let look what are the top 8 men fashion colors trends in Spring/Summer 2010 Collection.

I always like 
Black, which is no issue to match with other colors. Black also used by many mens fashion designers in their 2010 collections, being it total black, or combination of black and other lighter tones.

Greens, made popularized by Lavin in his 2010 collection. That's the color we all miss during summer with it’s greenery and warmth. 
My another favorite combination so far, Grey and metallic. 

Blue always relate to guys like pink relates to ladies. So there is no accident that Blue is one of the top pick by mens fashion designers this year. Brown is the second neutral color and it is as popular as black. Brown looks chic and sexy and this makes it so popular in 2010.
My favorite 
White looks good and noble but I think this color will do better in spring and summer rather than in winter season. Red is the most popular color and it just couldn’t stay away from men fashion in day one.