domenica 31 luglio 2011

David Beckham Is Coming Out With an Underwear Line for H&M

A stream of consciousness recount of this morning's email scan: 

"Another boring summer day for fashion news. Can't be anything good happening this early on a Thursday in JULY. Oh wait, David Beckham? Getting somewhere ... Bodywear? Translates to underwear. Something to care about! Attachment — pictures? Text-only press release. Stay awake, stay awake. Wait, H&M? Don't they usually hire actual designers to do these lines?"

So evidently the chain is making an exception for Beckham, like they did for Madonna. 
His bodywear, translates to underwear, will go on sale at 1800 H&M stores in 40 countries on February 2, 2012, in time for Valentine's Day, everyone's least-depressing non-holiday. 
Still, there's something jarring about H&M, which has done lines in the past with Karl Lagerfeld, Stella McCartney, and Comme des Garcons, among others, doing a celebrity line of underpants now. 

Maybe it's just because the Madonna line launched so long ago it's hard to remember it. This is not troubling to H&M, whose press release easily qualifies Beckham:
Considered by many to be one of the most marketable individuals in the world ...

Really, he may as well be doing a line of headbands.